The annual Louisiana Key Academy Gala raises money and awareness for the excellent work that our school, teachers and administrators do for our children with dyslexia. Join us at the Gala for a fun time of music, dancing and games. Help us Unmask Dyslexia and make our school a better place.

Volunteers will receive a comped ticket to the Gala so you can enjoy this fun event.



— Before Gala —

Solicit Sponsors for the Gala

Do you have connections to businesses or individuals that would like to sponsor our gala in support of LKA? Email, text or call the contact below for Sponsor Forms to present to the potential sponsors.

Collect Gift Cards

This year the ever popular popcorn game is back at the Gala. To make this game successful we need small to medium prizes for every bag of popcorn that is purchased. Would you be willing to solicit local businesses for $5 and up gift cards to be used in this game? Email, text or call the contact below for a sample script for the solicitation and receipts to give to the businesses.

—Day of Gala—

2-4 PM

Set Up

4-6 PM

Set Up

7-8:15 PM

Gala Shift

8:15-9:30 PM

Gala Shift




Becky: (225) 931-6580 or becky@m-ngroup.com

Angie: (225) 328-1097 or angie@m-ngroup.com